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This page contains details of every permission that is available to grant to Users of your site. From here, Permissions can be granted or revoked from all Users and Roles.


Select a Permission's Long Description to see a tool tip with more information about what it would allow a User to do, when assigned to that User. A full list can be found under Core Functionality.


Permissions Search

Permissions can be searched for from this view. Refine the list of Permissions using the filter options at the top left corner of the page. Entering letters will automatically filter out any Permissions which don't contain that string of letters. For example, entering 'adm' will immediately remove any Permissions not containing this string of letters from the list.

Please note that this only searches for the name of the Permission, and not its Long Description.


Permissions List

Click the cog on each row in the table to expose the assignment controls and to view the Audit Trail for each Permission. The drop down menu contains Add, Remove and Remove All features for Users, Roles and Granting.

Permission assignments are audited twice: once for the Permission, and once for the User or Role being changed. This means that Permission assignments are more visible and readily findable in the Audit Trail.



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