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Individual Appraisal Timeline

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Please note: The Appraisals_Administrator or Appraisals_Scheduler permission is required to view this page.


What is it for and where do I find it?

The Individual Appraisal Timeline shows the progress of an Appraisal that has been prepared for an individual Employee. From here you can keep track on the submissions from each contributor, and view the form in detail. The Individual Appraisal Timeline will open whenever an Individual-Type Appraisal is selected from the Appraisals List page.


Appraisal Title

The title of the Appraisal Cycle is shown at the top of the page.



Title Menu options

These options are available through the title menu on this screen.


Appraisal details

The table on this page shows the progress made on this Appraisal form. All contributors for this Appraisal form are shown in the first column, and deadlines for each stage in the Appraisal are shown in the headers for each stage of the Appraisal form.

Appraisee - The Appraisee for the form. Once the Manager has prepared the form, this contributor must complete and sign-off on the form.

Managed By - The Manager of the Appraisee. This contributor must prepare the form for the main Appraisee, then complete and sign-off on the form alongside the Appraisee. Select their name to open their User Notebook.

Multirater - An additional contributor to the form, who must complete the form alongside the Appraisee and Manager. Select their name to open their User Notebook.

Grandparent comment - An additional commenter on the form, who must sign-off on the form alongside the Appraisee and Manager once the form is complete. Select their name to open their User Notebook.

HR - The HR team, who must accept or reject the Appraisal when once all contributions to the form are made. Select their name to open their User Notebook.


Work done, and work yet to be carried out, for this Appraisal form is represented by a series of boxes in the table. Each box corresponds to a task to be carried out at a certain stage by one of the contributors for the Appraisal form. If the deadline for a stage is reached, these boxes will turn red. Once a task is complete, the corresponding box will be replaced by the date on which the task was completed, if the task was completed after the deadline for the stage, the date will show as red.

Once a stage is completed, it will be struck through.

Form prepared - Shows the progress for the Manager Sign-off stage.

Form complete - Shows the due date for the Form Completion stage.

Form signed off - Shows the due date for the Form Sign-off stage.

HR sign off - Shows the due date for the HR Sign-off stage.


Appraisee menu options

These options are accessed by selecting the name of the Appraisee in the table.


exclamation This Appraisal has been cancelled and resumed

This warning message will show at the bottom of the page if the Appraisal Cycle has been Cancelled and Resumed at any point, along with a reason for the cancellation if this has been entered.


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