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Customer Fields

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Customer fields are designed to provide additional flexibility where more, or different, fields are required to carry out a task or project. When added to the application, Customer fields will appear in the same manner as any other field of the same type.


Creating and Editing Customer Fields

The creation and editing of Customer Fields can only be done by members of the Helpdesk, with exception of value lists for use in Drop down list fields, which can be created and managed by Site Administrators. Customer fields can be created for all modules in Pentana Risk, appearing in the notebook of each item they were created for.


Configuration options

The following options are configurable for all Customer Fields, unless otherwise stated .


Field Name

The name of the field. This can be up to 64 characters in length and can contain special characters with the exception of &.



Text entered into this option will appear when a user hovers their cursor over the field's label. There is no limit to this text, however, note that text entered will show on one line only.


Folding Panel

Like the core Pentana Risk fields, Customer Fields can be grouped together in panels. Multiple fields with the same value in Folding Panel will be placed together. If no text is entered into this field, the Customer Field will appear in the Additional Fields panel.


Display Order

By default, Customer Fields are arranged in alphabetical order. For multiple fields intended to appear in the same Folding Panel, numbers entered into this field describe the position of this Customer Field relative to other fields in the same panel.



This field defines the appearance and function of this Customer Field. A full list of available Field Types is listed below.


Show Empty Values

This option controls how the field appears when it has no data entered. With this option enabled, the Customer Field will always be displayed, and when empty will show (no value). With this option disabled, the Customer Field will only show when it has a value. This setting is ignored by checkbox fields where both states of the field count as a value.


Editable By

This option controls which Owners of a Module item can edit the Customer field. These include all Ownerships for each Module, and by default are all disabled. Please note that Users holding either Site Administrator or the appropriate Administrator permission for their module, for instance, Action_Admin, will always be able to edit Customer Field values, regardless of this setting.


Available Data types

Below is a full list of the Data types that an Customer Field can be set as. All Data types can be added to any Module in the application.



Fields of this type allow any value to be entered, including decimal values (i.e. 0.11 or 234.216).

Unique to this field is the ability to set a minimum and maximum value.



Fields of this type allow a whole number to be entered only.



Fields of this type provide a checkbox allowing the simple creation of a "Yes/No" or "True/False" field.



Fields of this type allow any date to be entered, either manually or through selection using a calendar.


Short Text

Fields of this type allow the entry of text up to 255 characters in length. The number of characters that can be entered into the field can also be set.


Formatted Text

Fields of this type allow the entry of large volumes of formatted rich text.



Fields of this type present the User with a list of options to choose from, one of which can be selected. The lists used can be created and edited by Site Administrators.


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