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Creating a Chart

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Ways to create a Chart

1.Choose the New Chart option from the Charts list page.

2.Press the New button on the Reporting section of the Go To ... Menu and select Chart.

3.If you cancel or leave the wizard for setting up a Chart before completing it, then the Chart notebook will be empty when you next visit it. Press the Get Started button to follow the process of setting up the Chart again.


Permissions Required

The Chart Create permission is required to create a new Chart. Holders of the Site Administrator permission can also create Charts without requiring any other permissions.


Creating a new Chart

You will first be prompted to provide a name for the new Chart. After doing this you will be guided to the wizard to help you set the Chart up.


Type of Chart

There are four  options to choose from.


1.Trend Chart
Plot performance against time for a single PI, or compare multiple PIs on the same Chart.

2.Index Chart
Show the difference between the value and the target for a single PI.

3.Annual Trend Chart
Compare the performance of a single PI against its own historical performance.

4.Charts using Queries
Plot data from the results of a Query on a Chart.

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