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The Go To menu is the key to navigating Pentana Risk, containing links to every key page within. To access it, select the green Go To... button to the left of the blue navigation bar.


The Go To button may feature a number in a white oval, which gives the total number of items that require an update for all Modules. Any blue numbered ovals indicate how many items there are that require action for that topic. The inclusion of Actions and Risks inherited though a tree in their counts is controlled through the Go To... menu Site Admin settings page.

Below is a full tree-list of all Modules and Sections. Their related pages can be accessed directly from the Go To menu.


home Home

The Home button will open your Home Portal. This Portal is indicated in the Portals section by the home house icon.


Welcome to Pentana Risk

This message will appear if you're unable to see any Portals when you log in. It may be that you've not been given visibility of any Portals, or no Portals have been created on your site. Talk to your Site Administrator about adding some Portals to your User Profile to start getting the most out of Portals on your site. If you can see the Manage Portals option in the Go To... menu, you may be able to create your own Portal.



Portal Views

Edit a Portal Layout

Who can see this Portal?

Printing Portals

Portal Group Views

Edit Tabs

Who can see this Portal Group?


Portal Groups



Action Notebook

Action Trigger Notebook

Create a New Action Trigger

Actions Browse

Actions Search

Action Queries

Actions Query

Action Updates

Action Prompted Notes

Actions Admin



Assessment Notebook

Recommendation Notebook



Assessment Browser

Assessment Queries

Assessment Query

Recommendation Queries

Recommendation Query

Assessments Admin

Assessments Tab Admin



Appraisals with Forms Requiring Action

Manager Sign-off

Form Completion

Form Sign-off

Appraisals with Forms requiring Administrator Action

Journal Entries

Journal Editor


Goal Notebook

Development Plans

Development Plan Notebook

Command Hierarchy

Employee Search

Appraisals List

New Appraisal

Individual Appraisal Timeline

Appraisal Timeline


Competency Notebook


Responsibility Notebook


Rating Scales

Rating Scale Notebook

Response Sets

Response Set Notebook



Feedback Notebook

Log a new Feedback item

Feedback Search


Contacts Notebook

Feedback Queries

Feedback Query

Feedback Admin

Feedback Tab Admin


Performance Indicators

PI Notebook

PI Trigger Notebook

Create a New PI Trigger

Edit Settings

Performance Data

PIs Search

PI Queries

PIs Query

PI Updates

PI Prompted Notes

PIs Admin

PI Tab Admin



Policy Notebook

Attach a New Document

Policy Reviews

Policies Search

Policy Queries

Policy Query

Policy Reviews Search

Outstanding Signatures



Chart Search

Chart Notebook

Create a New Chart



Risk Notebook

Risk Trigger Notebook

Create a New Risk Trigger

Risk Assessment Notebook

Risks Browse

Risk Search

Internal Control List

Risk Queries

Risks Query

Internal Control Queries

Internal Control Query

Scored Internal Control Query

Risk Updates

Risks Prompted Notes

Risks Admin

Risk Tab Admin




Scorecards Notebook


Category Notebook

Document Search

Document Notebook

Document Browse

Document Notebook

Document Folder Notebook

Report Queries

Reports Query

Users _permissions

User Notebook

Roles _permissions

Role Notebook

Permissions _permissions




Site Admin _permissions

General Site Options

Default Visibility


Home Portal

Log In Screen


Public Holidays


Go To... Menu

Owner Notifications

IP Whitelisting

First Tabs

Actions First Tab

Feedback First Tab

PIs First Tab

Risks First Tab

Module Setup

 Appraisals Setup


 Policy Types

Audit Trail



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