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What is it for and where do I find it?

Action Queries show details of Actions that meet certain criteria. The Action Query notebook is opened any time a query name is selected, for example from the Action Queries list or from a Portal component.

The number of results that match the filters, and that you have permission to see, is shown just above the results list.


Title menu options _permissions


Results Tab

The Results Tab contains all Actions that meet the criteria set in the Filters Tab. The details displayed can be specified in the Columns options.


Filters Tab

The Filters tab is used for managing the filters which drive the Query.

Unless otherwise specified, the menu options for each filter are:

Edit - Amend the filter settings on the Query.

Remove - Remove the filter from the Query.

Add Filter - Opens the Filters list to select a new filter to add to the Query. Filters that have already been added will appear greyed out.


Owners Tab

The Owners section details any users and roles that have ownership over the Query or visibility of the Query.

The only ownership type for each Query is Owned By. Users or roles with visibility of the Query will be listed in the Also Visible To field.


Bulk Operations Tab

The Bulk Operations tab shows for Users with the Actions_Admin or Site Admin permissions and allows for a change to be applied to the Actions from the results of a Query in bulk.


Please note that if any Action that has been partnered with your site is included in the Query results then the changes made will not apply to this Action when using the Activate/Deactivate or Change Type actions. However as Ownership's only apply to Users from your own site you can make changes using the Add an Owner action to Actions partnered with your site.



Right-click Menu

Right-clicking on any Action in the Query Results tab will bring up a new menu with additional options:


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